Image guidelines:  we do not accept nudity (only implied), no camera phone or screen shot images.  Photos must be in high resolution.  You also must provide photo shoot credits.


The deadline to submit images is on the 2nd if every month.  Reservation is to be paid in order to reserve placement.  Once you book cover, that cover is not available for anyone else to reserve...



-You will receive a free month of ad space for every person you refer...

-By featuring in our publication it will assist with gaining more traffic/followers to your Instagram.  

-You will be seen across the world.  


Cover features:  $500


Regular features:  $100


Please note: before we accept any payments, your Instagram will be reviewed.    If you are chosen, you can then proceed with booking your spread.



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

All related materials and documentation delivered will remain with the Company. 

The recipient agrees to treat such Confidential Information as secret if it is so marked, otherwise identified as such, or when, by its very nature, it deals with matters that, if generally known, would be damaging to the best interests of the Company, other contractors or potential contractors with the Company. 

The recipient agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information to third parties and to use it solely for the purpose described in the introductory provisions of this Agreement.  

The recipient will be liable for the disclosure of such information whether the disclosure is intentional, negligent, or accidental, unless otherwise identified.


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