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Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium Temporarily Changes The Name Of Its Venue And Social Media Pages In

Roommates, it looks like Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is fully behind Kanye West’s temporary residence inside the arena to finish up his album “DONDA!” The popular Atlanta venue has temporarily changed its name and social media pages to support Kanye West’s efforts to finish his “DONDA” album by living on the premises.

Kanye West is known for going to great lengths when it comes to giving his fans the music that they long for—which is why not many are surprised by his latest decision to live on the premises of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta until his upcoming album “DONDA” is fully finished.

To show that they are riding with Ye until he decides he’s ready to leave, Mercedes-Benz Stadium has temporarily changed its name to “DONDA Studio at Mercedes-Benz Stadium” on Twitter and with an official nameplate outside the venue.

As we previously reported, Kanye West and his team have created a studio space, living quarters, and enlisted a chef to prepare his meals while he lives inside the stadium. Apparently, he was so inspired by the crowd during “DONDA” listening session ON July 22nd, that he decided to stay behind to finish things up with his album, which now has August 6th as its target release date.