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Bow Wow Disagrees That Nick Cannon’s Movies Are Better Than His After Social Media User Puts Them...

Social media is known for bringing up debates about celebrities and pop culture questions. One recent question involved rapper/actors Bow Wow and Nick Cannon—specifically, which of the two have the better movies. Bow Wow stepped in to give his opinion on the matter and he feels his movies reign supreme.

Both Bow Wow and Nick Cannon have starred in their fair share of movies, but when it all comes down to it, who makes the better films? In case you need a quick reminder, Bow Wow has hits like, “Like Mike,” “Roll Bounce,” “Johnson Family Vacation” and “Lottery Ticket.” While Nick Cannon has “Drumline,” “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and “Underclassmen” on his resume.

The question was initially posed on Instagram and Bow Wow got a hold of it—and he definitely has thoughts, writing:

“Bro whatever u smoked this am pass it. Nick my boy but nba players and kids everywhere rock the like mike jersey. I dont see kids wearing band gear as outfits. Sorry dawg. But everyone has their opinion. But the movies I put out hold a lot of weight…A LOT.”

Nick Cannon saw Bow Wow’s comment and offered his own take: