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Chad Ochocinco Pays A Fan’s Rent Several Months In Advance After She Reached Out To Him About Possib

Sometimes you never know just how far asking for help can get you. A social media user recently used this tactic and discovered just how generous Chad Ochocinoreally is after he recently paid her rent for several months after she reached out to him about her financial struggles.

If you follow Chad Ochocinco on social media, then you are probably aware of his generosity towards his fans, as he has helped others who have come to him with financial hardships. In the most recent instance of his big heart, he made a woman’s dreams come true when he stopped her from being evicted by paying her rent several months in advance.

The woman, named Kelly Janay, initially tweeted to Chad “I know this is a stretch but I need help with my rent, I haven’t paid this month and if I don’t pay today I’m being threatened to be evicted, can you please help?”

This prompted Chad to simply respond with, “Show me today’s deadline notice and we’ll handle it.”

She then responded to his request with a statement from her apartment complex, as well as text messages between her and the apartment’s property bookkeeper. In the text messages, it confirmed that she would indeed be evicted due to not paying her rent for over three weeks.

Chad then told her told to send him a direct message with her Zelle account information and he stuck to his word. He also did something similar back in February 2019 when another fan told him they were facing eviction.

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