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Deelishis Has A Surprising Question For Her Fans Regarding Recent Health Issue—“Is A Cold Sore Herpe

One of the main uses for social media is to interact with others and get feedback for some of your most burning questions. Former “Flavor Of Love” star Deelishis recently took to Instagram to ask her fans about her current health issue involving a cold sore.

Many of us are guilty of heading straight to Google or WebMD when we are faced with a health-related issue. However, Deelishis decided to reach out to fans on social media for answers instead.

She posted a video on Instagram where she explained that she currently has a cold sore on her nose. She then detailed her history of suffering from them throughout the years—but she still isn’t quite clear on what they really are.

Deelishis ended the video saying that she was always told that cold sores are herpes, but she recently received contradictory advice saying otherwise. She asked her fans “is a cold sore herpes?”—and as expected, she was flooded with comments from several offering their medical expertise.

More recently, Deelishis had happier news to share, as she got engaged back in December 2019 to her fiancée Raymond Santana of the exonerated Central Park Five. The two only