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Deontay Wilder Blames His Loss To Tyson Fury On 40-Pound Steel Suit, Wants Another Rematch

Deontay Wilder is convinced that his 40-pound costume he wore as a tribute to Black History Month is to blame for his loss to Tyson Fury in Saturday night’s fight.

Wilder said the costume was too heavy and weighed down his legs, which was the reason why he didn’t make it past that seventh-round TKO, according to Yahoo Sports.

Wilder said he plans to go to Africa at the end of March on vacation and will exercise his rematch clause for a third fight with Fury. He said he’ll get back to boxing once he returns from Africa.

It looks like Wilder might be cleaning house too after this fight, chile. Wilder is mad at his assistant trainer Mark Breland for throwing in the towel too early and suggested that Breland will no longer be part of the team on fight night.

He said he wasn’t happy with the work of referee Kenny Bayless, who took a point from Fury in the fifth round, and went out of his way to congratulate Fury on his performance.

Wilder was knocked down in the third round of the heavyweight title fight by a straight right hand and then again in the fifth with a left hook to the body.