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George Zimmerman Suing Presidential Candidates Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg For Defamation

Just when you thought George Zimmerman couldn’t get any worse, he goes above and beyond to prove you wrong. Months after he sued Trayvon Martin’s parents for over $100 million—he’s back at it again with another lawsuit. This time he’s suing current presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg for defamation based on some tweets.

Most people who were involved in such a highly-publicized murder case would lay low after being acquitted (even though they were guilty)—however, George Zimmerman has done exactly the opposite ever since he was cleared of murdering Trayvon Martin back in 2012. Now, as reported by @MiamiHerald, Zimmerman is suing both Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg for defamation of character due to tweets they sent out referencing Trayvon Martin on what would have been his 25th birthday on February 5th.

Zimmerman’s $15,000+ lawsuit alleges that Buttigieg’s use of “white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice and fear” in his tweets were referencing him and that Buttigieg’s 1.71 million Twitter followers would make the connection between himself and Buttigieg’s statements. As for Warren, the lawsuit alleges that in a tweet she posted, she claimed that Trayvon is not “with us” due to “racism,” which makes the connection to her 3.72 million followers that Zimmerman killed Trayvon out of racism.

Zimmerman’s lawsuit further states:

“Buttigieg defamed Zimmerman by claiming without any basis whatsoever that the Hispanic minority advocate and Obama supporter Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in cold blood due to his ‘white supremacy,’ a racist cause that is held in great disdain and consternation by the public.”

In his 30-page lawsuit, Zimmerman also included demeaning details about Trayvon, describing him as a gangster, heavy marijuana user and constantly getting into fights at school. Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Pete Buttigieg have responded to the lawsuit.

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