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Laila Ali Says For The Right Price She Would Come Out Of Retirement To Face Claressa Shields

It looks like things could be getting a little more interesting when it comes to Women’s Boxing. For those who may not know Claressa Shield’s, is currently one of the top fighter’s in women’s boxing, and her and boxing legend Laila Ali have been exchanging words with each other for some time now.

On Friday, Laila appeared on ESPN’s “First Take,” and when asked if she would be willing to come out of retirement to face Claressa, Laila said for the right bag, she would be up for the challenge.

Now there have been a number of interviews where Claressa and Laila have talked about each other back and forth. In one interview with The Breakfast Club, Claressa expressed how she feels that Laila has not embraced her like she has the other women within boxing. She also said that if Laila were to come out of retirement she would beat her.

Friday after Laila made her comments, Claressa used her Twitter fingers to let Laila know that she is ready to fight her.

According to ESPN, the rift between these two women date as far back as 2018, where Laila reportedly made some comments about Claressa in a radio interview, which caused Claressa to take a listen.