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Supreme Oreos Are Reselling On eBay For Thousands Of Dollars

Earlier this week, there was a preview of a new collaboration between Nabisco and Supreme for an Oreo cookie. Now fast-forward to the actual release date for the cookie, and it has already been listed on eBay for thousands of dollars.

According to the New York Post, days before the official drop, the cookies were already listed for reselling. One seller opened bidding at $4, and then it quickly escalated to $2,600 with at least 36 bidders. However, a pack of these designer cookies are only being sold for $8.

The cookie is reportedly only for sale at Supreme’s New York City stores on the Lower East Side and in Brooklyn, and they’re reportedly scheduled to be sold online next week.

The eBay listing described the cookies as “new,” but it’s unclear how some sellers were able to obtain the cookies prior to its release.

It’s not out of the ordinary for limited Supreme products to go up for resale on eBay. The streetwear brand is known for having long lines outside of their doors as fans anticipate the release of some of their hottest pieces. However, with this being a perishable item, the reselling price for these cookies have a few people scratching their heads.

One Twitter user said, “Listen, if you buy these “Supreme Oreo’s” for that price, buddy let me tell you, you a super dummy…Imagine they come slightly cracked.”

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